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English is often considered hard to learn for non-natives. I have been teaching English and my experience with students suggests that the very first step of learning the language, i.e., tenses, is often the hardest for them. I remember it was quite thorny for me too when I learned English.

I don't know since when I have been in a quest for the underlying structure of English tenses, but it was some time near the end of the first decade of this century that I finally found it. I taught a few students according to the newly discovered formula and the results were unprecedented. I could not believe that the dumbest of the students who were almost afraid of the language, were able to express themselves in English within a couple of days. It does not mean, however, that the structure takes a couple of days to learn. It only takes 15 minutes. Then, all you need is practice.

Essential Structure of English Tenses

Learn English Language Easily - ESET Principles

The Essence


Tenses are all about time. Past, present or future expression in a sentence is based on the moment a person communicates.


Aspects describe continuity, completion, both or neither in English language. Every tense has four aspects accordingly.


Verbs have five forms in English language. The form used in a certain sentence follows tense, subject or what precedes it.

ESET Principles

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